Grow Your Food Processing Business

Directly connect with a reseller network, set your terms and build long-term customers.

Processors + Aggla

Add Your Profile & Products

Create an account, publish your store and upload your products. Add as much information as you can to help resellers build a business case.

Define Your Bundles & Prices

On Aggla, you choose the quantities to sell in and set your own prices. Create bundles, decide on delivery methods and name your price.

Deliver Your Products & Get Paid

Aggla enables you to manage orders and track your processes. You'll get paid from Aggla directly so you can focus on serving customers.

Connect with a buyer network on your terms.

Aggla has been built in collaboration with food & agri suppliers to create a platform that connect them with resellers. Our system enables you to develop an online store for your business, set your terms and get the buyers interested to discuss business with you.

How to Get Started

We have initiated the platform for food processing businesses and have opened the platform up for agri product suppliers as well. This video should provide you with the insights into leveraging the Aggla platform for your business.