Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Aggla Marketplace?

Aggla is marketplace platform created to connect suppliers in Food & Agribusiness with buyers. The platform facilitates the connection between the suppliers and buyers and lets them trade at their own terms

What is the key value proposition of Aggla marketplace?

Each Aggla supplier get their own digital shop front to create visibility for their products, wholesale prices and the payment terms.

Aggla buyers have the advantage of negotiating with and buying directly from the producers & processors.

The key role of Aggla marketplace is to facilitate the connection between the supplier and their buyer.

Does Aggla charge any on-boarding fee for processors?

No. We do not charge any on-boarding fee.

What is the revenue/business model of Aggla marketplace?

Currently Aggla marketplace does not facilitate transactions and do not charge any fee.

Is Aggla marketplace open for any supplier in food & Agribusiness?

We have created the Aggla Marketplace for Food processors but the interest from other type of suppliers (raw materials and fresh produce) have motivated us to open up the platform to any supplier.

What product level information needs to be provided by Aggla marketplace suppliers?

    Please review the video to understand the on-boarding requirements for the processors (which would be relevant for all suppliers).

     You may also review the product pages of currently active supplier products here: 

    Who is responsible for the logistics of delivery and returns?

    Aggla marketplace suppliers and buyers need to negotiate and manage the payment and the delivery terms on their own. 

    Can any Aggla supplier sell internationally?

    Aggla marketplace does not put any restriction on range/geography of sale. It is for the supplier and the buyer to work out the feasibility.

    Can anyone buy on Aggla marketplace?

    Currently, we do not have any restrictions for Aggla marketplace buyers. Anyone that sees value and business potential in buying from Aggla suppliers are welcome to explore and engage with the right suppliers.