Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processor and reseller profile within the Aggla Marketplace Community (AMC)?

Aggla Processors process and sell shelf-stable consumer food products. Aggla Buyers are small and medium size physical retailers, B2C e-commerce retailers, micro resellers that have a business model to sell in their community and food service clients

How to join Aggla Marketplace Community (AMC)?

Review the opportunities page and respond to the opportunity that best suits your business profile and ambitions: 

What is the key value proposition of Aggla marketplace?

Each Aggla processor get their own digital shop front to sell and manage their orders for their processed products. Aggla processors sell at fair wholesale prices and payment terms that are profitable to them and Aggla buyers.

Aggla buyers have the advantage of buying directly from the processors in their local currencies. In essence the key role of Aggla marketplace is that of a trade and transaction facilitation.

Aggla Marketplace Community (AMC) also hosts complementary partners with Finance, technology and other related offerings to processors and resellers.

Does Aggla charge any on-boarding fee for processors?

No. We do not charge any on-boarding fee.

What is the revenue/business model of Aggla marketplace?

Aggla marketplace charges a service fee of  5%.

The service fee includes 1) marketplace service fee 2) payment gateway fee. There would not be any other costs on the marketplace. The only exception that is not covered are the currency exchange conversion rates differentials and charges incurred for international sales and pay-out transactions.

Are there any hidden transaction costs other than the service fee?

NO. All the transaction costs will be absorbed by the Aggla marketplace.

What payment modes does Aggla marketplace supports?

Using their credit/debit cards Aggla marketplace buyers can transact in their local currencies. We are currently able to facilitate manual mobile payments in select countries and will be expanding it to other markets as our marketplace network grows in that market.

Can any processor sell on Aggla marketplace?

Currently, we are hand-holding the processors with the right value proposition onto the platform. Feel free to reach out to us sharing your details. Review this page for understanding the relevance of Aggla Marketplace for your business:


What product level information needs to be provided by Aggla marketplace processors?

    Please review the video to understand the on-boarding requirements for the processors.


    You may also review the product pages of currently active processor products here:


    Who is responsible for the logistics of delivery and returns?

    Aggla marketplace processor need to organise their delivery and return logistics. The platform has a nice wholesale bundle structure that can help you sell into the markets your offerings are ready for at the right price.


    Can any Aggla processor sell internationally?

    Aggla marketplace does not put any restriction on processors range/geography of sale. It is for the processor to evaluate based on their readiness on the following:

    • Their products demanded at a premium in other markets
    • Their products meet the quality, certification and other compliance standards
    • They have figured out the logistics and custom clearance terms and partnerships
    • They are convinced that it is a good business case for the buyer and processor to get involved in this international transactions.

    Currently Aggla Marketplace is building buyer network in Kenya. So we are encouraging processors (from Kenya and outside) that are active and/or have a good business case for selling into the Kenyan market.

    Who is responsible for managing the product and sale related taxes?

    The processor should account for all product and sale related taxes within their trading geography appropriately.


    Does Aggla marketplace offer any support in profile creation and order management?

    We have made it rather simple for processors to start and operate on Aggla marketplace.

    Aggla marketplace team is accessible for any support/assistance. 

    Can anyone buy on Aggla marketplace?

    Currently, we do not have any restrictions for Aggla marketplace buyers. Anyone that sees value and business potential in buying from Aggla processors are welcome to explore and place an order.

    To be able to create history and facilitate with financing options (through our partners) going forward we have mandated account creation for the buyers.

    And of-course the opportunities are open for Aggla Resellers (buyers):  

    Does Aggla marketplace offer any support to buyers?

    Aggla marketplace buyers can reach out to the Aggla team for any payments, order management, delivery and/or quality related challenges experienced.

    The marketplace takes full responsibility of genuine refund claims for buyers.


    Does Aggla marketplace offer any trade and growth financing support to its stakeholders?

    Aggla marketplace is developing partnerships to support trade and growth financing for Aggla stakeholders.

    We encourage Aggla marketplace processors and buyers to build their trading history on the marketplace so that we are able to facilitate your financing needs through our partners going forward.


    Does Aggla marketplace offer any talent and leadership development support to processors, buyers and their teams?

    Yes, we have partnered with “Digital School for Food and Agriculture (DSoFA)” and “Institute of Food and Agribusiness leadership (IFAL)” to facilitate talent and leadership development. 

    You can review the Digital School of Food and Agriculture talent hub here:

    Aggla Marketplace offers IFAL mini-mba scholarships for the stakeholder cohorts. You can review the next cohort details and other opportunities here: 

    Does Aggla marketplace offer any community interaction and networking opportunity?

    We are building the marketplace ecosystem to build an international community (eco-system) for food processors to create and share value with everyone involved.

    We shall update you on digital and on-location Aggla Marketplace community meet-ups.

    As an Aggla Marketplace processor what will help me succeed and grow my business through the platform?

    • Products meeting promised quality and safety standards
    • Good wholesale prices for buyers to have a good business case with your products
    • Reliable delivery and exceptional handling
    As an Aggla Marketplace buyer how can i succeed and grow my business through the platform?
    • Having access to a good consumer base and understanding their needs
    • Ability to sell quickly for cash with your consumers




     Still have questions? Reach us through the opportunities section